A Plenary Indulgence

God’s Mercy is beyond comprehension, unfathomable  When we sin we can go to Confession and have our sins forgiven, and we are thus saved from Eternal Damnation, but we still must make reparation for these sins either in this life or the next.  We call this temporal punishment in the Church.  All our acts of love, prayer, sacrifices etc. in this life count against the temporal punishment due, so we really have no excuse.  The Holy Souls however must make reparation for their sins.

The Church has given us great gift called a plenary indulgence, and we can obtain these (once a day only) for a Holy Soul.  We can even name a person, and if that person has already gone to Heaven, then it will be applied to another soul in Purgatory.

You could offer the plenary indulgence for yourself (but this blog is to help the Holy Souls not ourselves, even though in helping them we too gain great merits). If offered for yourself then you become as if just baptized and would fly immediately to heaven if you died in that instant, and you would only have to atone for sins from the instant for the rest of your life, and this is also what happens on Divine Mercy Sunday (first Sunday after Easter).  However…..the indulgence can also be offered up for a named holy soul, and that’s what we are really interested in doing.

How is a Plenary Indulgence Obtained?  

There are certain acts that can be performed but there are also conditions that must be met.  The most important of these is that I try to live a sinless life in that moment, and I have full contrition for my sins.  I must detest sin because if offends my Lord.

Some Acts
– Offer up a community Rosary (2 people or more) for a plenary indulgence
– Offer up a half hour of adoration for a plenary Indulgence
– Offer up a half hour of scripture reading for a plenary indulgence
4 Conditions Necessary to Fulfill
– You must have received the sacrament of confession within 8 days of the offering
– You must have complete detachment and detestation of your sins because they offend Our Lord.
– You must pray for the Pope’s intentions as you do at the beginning of the rosary (our father, 3 Hail Marys and Glory Be)
– You must receive communion within 8 days in a state of grace
Therefore, for instance, if you are a daily mass goer, and say the rosary each day before mass with others, and you go to confession once a week, and also have complete detachment and detestation of your sins, you can offer one daily indulgence for a holy soul, and it might be worth doing up a list of those you know to have died.

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