About Us

We thank you for visiting our Blog specifically dedicated to Helping The Holy Souls.

We are a bunch of seminarians who hope to be able to bring together a whole lot of information on the Holy Souls into one place.

We also hope to enable you to do your online shopping via this blog to your favourite online retailers such as amazon and to search online from this site with google etc.  Each time you purchase something or search, the blog can earn commission, and this will be used as offerings for masses for the Holy Souls.  The Holy Mass is the greatest gift they can received.

God bless you and please spread the word.



2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I love your work and dedication for the holy souls. I am with a religious group that started not too long ago with the mission of spreading devotion to our Blessed Mother and with Her aid and grace pray for and assist the poor souls attain a shorter stay in Purgatory as well us amend our own lives to shorten or even bypass Purgatory for ourselves.

    The purpose of writing to you today via this blog is to seek your permission to link to topics from our site to yours. Currently we only have a Facebook page and hopefully launch our webpage soon after.

    Thank you for your work.

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